Campus Security Authorities

If you have been a victim of, witnessed, or have knowledge of a crime that occurred on the Touro University California campus, you may report that crime to any of our Campus Security Authorities.  Our Campus Security Authorities include:

1. Any uniformed member of the campus security staff (Allied Universal Security Services) 
    (ext. 85804)
2. Mr. Jay Ritchie, Associate Vice President of Administration
    (ext. 85802)
3. Dr. Lisa Waits, Dean of Student Services
    (ext. 85226)

In addition to the above, Touro University has established Building Leaders in each building on campus as part of our Injury and Illness Prevention Plan.  These Building Leaders  are also Campus Security Authorities.

4. Wilderman Hall (Bldg. 926) 1310 Club Drive Building Leaders
    Dr. Marilyn Hopkins, Provost and COO (ext. 85276)
    Ms. Amber Schomo, Director of Fiscal Affairs (ext. 85259)

5. Farragut Inn (Bldg. 396) 1750 Club Drive Building Leader
    Mr. Raymond Nottie, Executive Chef and Kitchen Manager (ext. 85505)

6. Lander Hall (Bldg. H86) 1557 Azuar Drive: Building Leaders
     Mr. Bruce Silverman, Laboratory Manager and Instructor (ext. 85423)
    Dr. Alejandro Gugliucci, Professor and Associate Dean for Research (ext. 85237)
    Dr. Alison McCormick, Professor Biological & Pharmaceutical Sciences (ext. 85987)

7. Library (Bldg. 1322) 1545 Azuar Drive: Building Leader
    Ms. Tamara Trujillo, Director of the Library (ext. 85314)

8. Administration/Faculty Building 1 (Bldg. H83) 1549 Azuar Drive: Building Leader
    Dr. Michael Clearfield, Dean of the College of Osteopathic Medicine (ext. 85918)

9. Administration/Faculty Building 2 (Bldg. H84) 1553 Azuar Drive: Building Leader
    Dr. Rae Matsumoto, Dean of the College of Pharmacy (ext. 85926)

10. Library Annex (Bldg 1322) 1545 Azuar Drive: Building Leader
     Stephen Johnson, Director of Information Technology (ext. 85425)

11. Student Run Free Clinic (Norman C. King Community Center) 545 Magazine St, Vallejo
     Dr. Melissa Pearce, Medical Director (ext. 85207 or, 653-6331)