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The Touro ID (variously known as the University ID, TUC ID Badge or Student ID) serves as an identification card; an electronic key card controlling access to campus buildings after-hours, and an electronic card for printing access for students throughout campus.  

Announcement: Locking system begins on March 11! 

TUC has begun the process of increasing campus security with the development of 24/7 door locks at the entrance of every building on campus. The campus community will have access to buildings with the swipe of their TUC ID badges. The coming changes in access requirements do not require a new badge and do not require a physical change for those with existing badges.


So be like the bull!

All students, faculty, and staff must wear their ID badges at all times.

As a reminder: Touro University California provides the first badge. Replacement Badges are charged to each individual employee or student needing a replacement badge.

Need a replacement badge?

Replacement Touro ID’s are needed if any of the following have occurred:

    • Lost or Stolen badge
    • Damaged badges (i.e. won’t work on printer or card readers)
    • Name Changes
    • Class year or program changes (Students)
    • Job title or department changes (Employees)

Touro ID's can be obtained in one of two ways:


Email servicedesk@tu.edu to request a badge.  


Email tuc.humanresources@tu.edu to request a badge.

Picking Up Your Badge

Pick up locations may vary, so please look for an email (from Valaria Worthington) letting you know where to pick up your badge. You will be emailed when your badge is ready for pick up.